Perpsectives Notary Demo: SSH and SSL Host Key Records

This is a simple web interface to query Perspective's overlay of "network notary" servers. Network notaries let you see a diverse views of the public key(s) used by a network service (e.g., SSH or HTTPS) over time.

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Try your own Notary query

Port:       Default port for HTTPS is 443, for SSH 22.
Protocol: SSL     SSH

Results for

Error: It appears that the parameters you selected "; echo "do not correspond to a reachable server. Please try again."; return; } echo ""; echo "

10-day Key History

"; $fname10 = str_replace( array(":",","), "_", $service) . "_10.svg"; $ignore = shell_exec("./gen_svg \"$service\" notary_list.txt 10 > images/$fname10"); echo "

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200-day Key History

"; $fname200 = str_replace( array(":",","), "_", $service) . "_200.svg"; $ignore = shell_exec("./gen_svg \"$service\" notary_list.txt 200 > images/$fname200"); echo "

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Notary Result Details

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"; $datestr = date("r"); system("echo \"$service @ $datestr \" >> log.txt"); ?>

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. Keys are shown as 128-bit MD5 hashes. This is identical to the "key fingerprint" that you see for unauthenticated keys in SSH. For HTTPS, Firefox and Safari will show you the MD5 fingerprint if you view the details of a certificate.
  2. Note: If you get results that contain [NULL LIST] that means some servers did not have any results for your service. The notary servers do probe "on demand" when you request, but if some servers did not reply, issue the query again, as the local client may have timed-out before the notaries finished probing for the key. If you continue to get no results and you are sure that the host is reachable, please contact us.
  3. Notaries only keep history for services that have been requested in the past, so when you first query a about a service, there may be no history.