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Refurb Plan for the CMCL

Web page todos

  • Update links to old CMCL lab members (bit of googling)
  • Update papers page
  • List and link to more projects
  • Update latest research blurbs
  • New logo?

Physical layout changes and infrastructure upgrades

  • Clean out cabinets above wall & move things laying around in them


  • Projector (someone find a model recommendation!)
 Requirements: >2500 ansi lumens [rules out home theater projectors], <10 lb [portable], preferably <=32dB noise
 General price ranges:
   XGA  (1024x768)   - >$600
   WXGA (1280x768)   - >$1000
   SXGA (1440x1050)  - >$3000
 Search reviews:
 Most reasonable SXGA I found ($2700):
  • Scanner


  • Possibly: Torx, hexkey screwdrivers??
  • Screwdrivers, soldering iron, etc. have all arrived and are in lab


Austin is leaving town Real Soon Now, and will be donating stuff to the cause!

Other stuff that's needed:

  • Couch or very comfortable chair to read :)
  • Sound proof doorway to machine room
  • New lab sign that says CMCL
  • Door stop
  • Replace burnt out light bulbs
  • Coat Hanger


Books for a small lab library

All previously listed books were ordered and are now in the CMCL. Want more? List them here!

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